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find your voice 

How can I help

Hi, hallo, hei!

How can I help? 


Whether it is about preparing for an audition, learning different techniques to support your development or starting from the beginning I’m here for you! 

My lessons are student-led and as a teacher I want to encourage everyone to explore and understand the voice as an instrument. I provide my lessons in English, German and Finnish! All levels welcome!


Are you a songwriter or interested in writing your own music? I’d love to hear your projects and answer any questions about songwriting, arrangement and production.


General Topics:

  • Basics to a healthy vocal technique

  • Awareness of the physiology of the voice

  • Increase strength, power and range  

  • Improve flexibility and speed (for licks and runs) 

  • Develop emotion and delivery in songs

  • Prepare for an audition, recording session or singing exam

  • Support and encouragement: the psychology of singing and performance

  • Working on original songs & artist projects 

What my students say

Nicole P. 

 Emmi is a diligent, open-minded and very attentive vocal coach; her approach and teaching methods have opened new doors in my vocal awareness, and have brought a fresh look at my relationship with music. I wholeheartedly recommend Emmi as a vocal coach!


Welcoming, kind, supportive, intelligent, generous. As a result of her teaching, approach and sharing of knowledge, techniques, awareness and adjustments I already felt a difference in my comfort and ability in the hour lesson I had with Emmi. Thank you!

Paul E.

Emmi has been a delightful, compassionate, warm and funny teacher, putting me at ease and really giving me an insight into how the voice works. I had no experience or intention to sing professionally, this is just for me, and Emmi has been great at making me feel comfortable, making me laugh and helping me see improvements each week.

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